Letter From Your PTA President




CALL: 1-718-984-9800         FAX: 1-718-356-8712

Dear Parents,

I’d like to invite you to visit out new PTA website at http://ps37r.webnode.com/ and here at ps37rpta.wordpress.com. We have created this website to keep everyone informed with what’s happening in our school and to help us with out special needs.

We will keep you informed about our meetings, workshops, and other important subjects. We have many links that will suit all of your interests. Please come, visit and share your thoughts. Any suggestions that you may have are always considered and you can reach the PTA of PS37R at 1-718-984-9800.

Through collaboration we can achieve the most positive outcome for our children. Please remember communication between families and all school personnel are the key to your child’s success.

Thank you,

Linda Lasheen

PTA President

Also, please make sure to check out our schools Newsletter page and our Events page for all the latest news and events!!!


Read more: http://ps37r.webnode.com/


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